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Friday, March 29, 2013

Remote Your PC with an Android Phone

Android remote control PC

Computer and Keyboard are a match,like TV and remote control.But do you ever contact these things together? like use your remote control to control your computer?You may think that the Bluetooth keyboard already gets this feature and the Google TV is gradually reaching this. Well, how about a free app to control your PC.Let's start on how.

1 Install the app "Unified Remote"
First just install the app "Unified Remote" on your Android phone as usual.What's more,you also need to install a server tool to connect with your Android phone and the PC.

For the server tool, you can visit here to download.It's just a PC software, so you can install by the instructions. Make sure your PC work in the Net Famework 4.0 situation before this server works.
Unified remote server

2 Experience now
 For it makes use of WiFi to work, you need to make your Android phone and PC connect with the same WiFi. After this, let's start to make some settings.Open the app in your Android phone and choose option follow this:“Accept”→“I Have installed the new server”→“Scan for servers”.If you PC is ready,you can see it on your phone.

After the above settings, you will find "remote" on the left,it's the remote control that send orders to control your PC.

For example,if you want to browse the internet, you can choose “Start”→browser→virtual mouse→move to Address Bar→virtual keyboard→input web address.If there is no unexpected error, you will open the site successfully.

3 Turn your PC into TV
Except for the usual function,there are some professional buttons in Unified Remote.Take Windows Media Center which you may seldom use,now you can open it in your phone.What's more,you can use this app operate the win 8 Modern menu,start or shut up the PC, or turn off the Display etc. After learning these, do you think it's a wonderful app worthy trying?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Top 10 Android Widgets To Rich Your Android Phone HomeScreen

One of the big differences between Android and iPhone is that widgets can be installed on Android phones.From a widget,we can quickly access information we want.Among number of widgets,you may at a lose which one to pick,now I collect some popular useful widgets as for suggestions:

Beautiful Widgets get rich features with fresh look.It once was Google Editor's choice for a year.You can customize your home screen in personal style with tons of widgets and themes. With this widget, you can easy access to the clock, the weather, your battery percentage, the current date or accessing some system settings more easily with toggles.It also provides Nice toggle widgets for WiFi, Bluetooth, Mobile, Brightness, GPS (shortcut), Silent, Vibrate, Plane Mode, Rotate and a Timed Silence! And by the way,if you don't like it after pay for it, you can get refund within 24 hours.

2 Rings Digital Weather Clock
With 3 layouts include calendar,weather,time hang in the home screen, you definitely love this simple style.Color choice for all information displayed on the widget and 37 unique weather condition icons,you get a lot choices to fresh your day look.

Android Rings Digital Weather Clock

3 Pulse News
It's troublesome to gather information by launch different apps.Pulse saves your energy for this.Pulse collect all your favorite blogs, magazines, social networks and newspapers in one place for FREE. Exciting to use, quick to read, ready to share.Tap on an article to see a clean and elegant view of the news story. Save stories for reading later across all platforms or sync them with Instapaper, Read it Later and Evernote. Sharing a story via Facebook, Twitter, Google + and email is as easy as one tap.

4 Shazam
Shazam is a free tool that recognizes songs by "listening" to them through your phone's microphone. Unfortunately, in order to use Shazam, you have to open the app and tap the button to begin the recognition process. By the time you manage to accomplish this, the song may be over.
Enter the Shazam widget, which puts a Shazam button directly on your home screen. Now, all you have to do is tap it when you hear a song you're curious about.

ESPN ScoreCenter is a must-have for any sports fan.This customization app will let you pick your favorite teams from various sports leagues, from the NFL to Colombian soccer.
It comes with two widgets: a ScoreCenter widget, which shows you game and scoring information on your hand-picked favorite teams; and a Video widget, which scrolls through the day's hot sports videos. You can tap either widget to open the app and get more info.

6 AudioManager
Audio Manager is a home-screen Widget and Volume manager that allows you to get live readings of your current volume levels on your Android phone like larm, media, alerts, ringer, system, and voice calls.. Tap on the widget to adjust the volume levels.

7 Clockr
Clockr is a simple text-based clock widget that instantly transforms your Android home screen into a work of modern art.The widget is mildly customization: You can choose the format Clockr uses to display the time, and the color of the text.

8 Tiny Flashlight + LED
Tiny Flashlight + LED is a tiny, simple flashlight app.The widget is just a button, but when you tap it, the your phone's LED flash instantly turns on for you to use as a flashlight.In addition, the app lets you choose different button interfaces.It's considerable to set Camera LED flashlight,Screen Light,Warning Lights,Color Flashlight etc for different situation.

Android Tiny Flashlight

9 Battery
It's a great widget to let you know how much your battery left. This is especially helpful when you are on a tour. Before the battery runs out,you can make things prepared.And for the left battery,you can get to know how much time you can spend on music,video,internet,calls etc.It can serve as your battery saver.

10 Today in History' Widget
Wonder to know what happens today in history?A lot people are interested in this.This widget gather information from The New York Times: "On This Day",DW-World: "Today in History", "This Day in History".So the information is reliable.The widget downloads the events for the next days and stores them on your device, so there is no need for permanent internet access.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Select Your Own Price For 6 Playable Android Games

Now six Android games are up for grabs by the Humble Mobile ,for which you can buy at a Custom Amount.As I tried, at least $5.58.And you can decide exactly how your money is divided among charities, developers, or Humble Bundle itself. The games available this time around are Contre Jour, Anomaly Korea, Plants vs. Zombies, Bladeslinger, The Room, and Metal Slug 3.For those games,it's well picked out and get high rated.You can watch the video after the break to learn more about the games.

Contre Jour
This is a game with mystery and surprise, in which Petit is waiting for your help to take him for safety.It gets lot prizes and nomination in E3(The Electronic Entertainment Expo)(if you are a game lover,you will love what is E3.) and also was highly rated by the game media.This game will take you into a dark 2D world.Black and Dull color are the main tone,but few stars will give shining light.In the combination of light and darkness, this game is full of mystery and a fell of Gorgeous sense.

The background music by The composer David Ari Leon can also lead you to a nice music experience.And it's suggested that you wear your earphone to operate this game while enjoy the music.

Android Contre Jour

Anomaly Korea
Anomaly Korea is a sequel to the award-winning Anomaly Warzone Earth.The alien robots are back and this time they've got Korea in their sights. It’s your job to lead a squad into fierce fire-fights and fend off the alien invasion. Plan your routes carefully and use new units and powers to turn the tide of war against a horde of new enemy threats.Test your leadership abilities in the new ‘Art of War’ trials.

Android Anomaly Korea


As compared with former editions,METAL SLUG 3 add the “MISSION MODE”,in which you can select which stage you want to play or just practice in a level which give you a hard time.And you will face more slugs like Slug Mariners,Drill Slugs, and Elephant Slugs joining the original Metal Slugs and Slugnoids!!What's more,you can play <METAL SLUG 3> with another brother-in-arms simultaneously via the Bluetooth.

METAL SLUG 3 Android


Escape the Room: Limited Time
In this game, you'll be the center of a thriller and must escape a series of rooms by using hints and items. Solve 50 different stages—including some hidden ones—on your suspenseful adventure as you search for the truth.Or you will be blow up by the bomb. Before you start to play this game, don't forget to read these tips,they will help you greatly.

Find all the hidden objects in the rooms and use them to your advantage.
Use the Magnifier icon to magnify items for observation.
Items can be compounded and disassembled if you know the formula.
Don't skip the game dialog: they provide most of your clues for continuing the game.

The room Android


This games is reviewed like “The glossy, slick action game absolutely rivals many modern console games…” by Develop Magazine. Bladeslinger is an action game which combines science fiction and Western elements.The main character is a western cowboy confront an ancient evil.He has to defeat evils to save his once peaceful town.For the machete in cowboy's hand, it can either split or shoot enemy.The monster and weird background sound may make hair standing on end.For bloody lover,it's a pity that you can't see the blood when cowboy or enemy was dead.Anyway,no matter you are perusing the picture quality or cool fight skills,complicated challenge, this piece will be your answer.

Android Bladeslinger

Anyway,if you are tired of free games with limited feature,you can choose to pay for these games.What's more,it's a unique way to pay.You can choose which one to pay more among the developers, the Child’s Play Charity, or the Electronic Frontier Foundation. By the way, it's sold in limited time.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Roll 2013 Easter Day on Your Android Device

Android Easter wallpaper

As Easter is coming,we certainly can't miss some fun for this holiday.To celebrate this festival,most people will go to the church or wake up early in the morning to watch the sun for celebrating.It's said that the sun will jump three times in the clouds with gorgeous sunshine. If you miss these traditional activity,you can certainly should find some fun on your Android smartphone(tablet).

Bubble Blast Easter
Painted eggs represent the new arrival of life.People gather together to play eggs games.They roll the eggs on the ground.The winner will be the person whose eggs get broken and will have all eggs.Even in white house,there is a game like this.People believe that rolling eggs will make evil suffer.Bubble Blast Easter is a similar game like this,you need to burst a multi-color egg or a bunny.Since it's a puzzle game,you have to focus to organize the eggs with the same color.

Easter! - Find 'em!
This is an egg hunting game,you get a task that you have to find more than 100 different objects that the Easter Bunny has hidden in the grass.With lovingly designed and detailed graphics,you can enjoy the beatuiful scene while hunting for the eggs.


Angry Birds - Easter
Rivio almost released different Angry birds versions for each season since 2010.There are total 14 versions now,like Angry Birds,St. Patrick’s、Trick Or Treat,Season’s Greetings etc.For the Easter version, it adds the chocolate eggs.

Easter Movies
If you don't like play games,you can watch some Easter movie for entertainment.For kids and adults,there are many Easter films choices,like《An Easter Carol》,《Easter Parade》,《Hank and Mike》,《Hocus Pocus》,《Hop》,《The Passion of the Christ》,《The Easter Egg Adventure》.I watched 《The Easter Egg Adventure》last Easter day,it tells how the inhabitants in painted eggs get their lost eggs back.You can buy or search DVD for this kind of movies at Amazon.

If you want to watch Easter movies on your Android phones(tablets),it also would be okay.You can use some software like Leawo DVD Ripper which can help to convert DVD to video.So you can copy converted video to your Android device.Now leawo Software is doing an Easter promotion.If you are interested in this,you can click here for details.

Easter Wallpapers
Nice wallpapers can really bring you into good mood.You know nobody don't like beautiful things.You can search at Google images by input"Easter wallpaper",it will show you a lot beautiful wallpapers.I selected some typical Easter wallpapers to share here, you can click right to save it for your Android device wallpaper.

In the last, Happy Easter Day!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Top 5 Android Launchers to Imppresive Your Android Home Screen

Android launcher

As for smartphone,we should never stop dig out something new.For there are really a lot amazing thing to explore to make your smartphone more digital and interesting.This can kill time when you fell bored or you can share with your findings with your new discovery. With then enhanced features,you will love that.Today,I would like to show you how to turn your Android phone into WP7 phone and iPhone.

1 Launcher 7
Launcher 7 can make your Android phone look like exactly same as WP7 phone.After you download it from Google Play Store,you need to make some settings like click the phone book, text-message etc to connect with app after launch it.For this,you can click to use it directly for the second launch.You can remove or add items on the desktop.For the items on the desktop, you can change its size and color as your wish.Though it's a simple app,but with impressive effects make you fell like your are using a WP7 Phone.
                              Android launcher7 free download


2  iLauncher
There are some people like Android phones,some like iPhone,some like other smartphones.But for example,people who stay between Android and iPhone don't want to buy iPhone, you know there is no need to buy another smartphone for most people. And a smartphone which runs on Android and iOS haven't been created.So how to experience iPhone? We got iLauncher here.

You will find it run smooth when you scroll after launch it.It just look like an iPhone if you ignore its phone logo.There are Dock-bar,Spotlight Search,the typical iPhone app icons etc.You can change each application's name and icon by touching the app shortly in jiggle mode.And this launcher supports 5 rows mode,just like iPhone 5.
Android iLauncher free download

3 WP7blue Theme GO Launcher EX
As its name says,it's main color is blue,I am sure lot people love the Blu color for its pure.But after you install it,you can't click launch it directly.You just need to go back to GO Launcher EX: MENU > theme preferences and choose to apply the theme.(As for this app only works with GO Launcher EX, you have to install GO Launcher free from the market first.)

Android WP7blue Theme GO Launcher EX free download

4  BlackBerry Torch Screen
BlackBerry seems run more difficult on its smartphone business than before.But this can't stop blackberry fan's love.As blackberry 10 phones is still on the way,we have to wait patiently.But since you get an Android phone now,now dress up it with BlackBerry Torch Screen to make it into a blackberry phone.Most of the icons on the screen will open up the relevant Android app when clicked.By the way,BBM is not working on this.

Android BlackBerry Torch theme free download


5 Bberry Theme GO Launcher EX
It's a free Bberry Theme GO Launcher.From the screenshot below,you can see it beautiful,like you fell in a gorgeous evening and fell the mysterious Blu spirit.It wins good reviews at Google Play Store.(As for this app only works with GO Launcher EX, you have to install GO Launcher free from the market first.)